The Pranic Tube

Mar 05, 2019
The Pranic Tube


My previous article on the emotional body brought attention to something I referred to as the pranic tube. Both are energetic bodies that are rarely understood as energy in direct life experience. The pranic tube is a baseline fundamental area to strengthen.

All types of breathwork in spiritual practices develop the pranic tube.

Whether it is meditation, chanting, pranayama yoga, or anything having to do with conscious breath, these practices strengthen the pranic tube. Breath carries finer substances that can feed your consciousness if you can become aware of its subtlety. There are many meditation exercises working with more advanced ways to collect this finer substance that will form a secondary body and gateway to higher consciousness and regenesis.

First, you must strengthen the pranic tube or etheric body.

This is a body that is the closest energetic field to your physical form and its function is to metabolize energy from the universal energy field. It is a state between energy and matter. A great resource for understanding this energy field is Hands of Light by Barbara Ann Brennan:

“The etheric body is composed of tiny energy lines like a sparkling web of light beams.” BAB

The pranic tube is a way of explaining how the etheric body holds a matrix of energy. It seems to preclude physical matter. It holds an energetic framework. It can get depleted and cause disease and malfunction of a material body whether that be plant, animal or human.

The pranic tube holds life force.

You build this tube through attention, breath, and nutrition. That nutrition is not simply food we eat. That nourishment is breath and awareness. All of your meditations having to do with increasing and noticing life force within your body will strengthen this tube. This foundational baseline helps hold you all together.

If it isn’t strong, it entrains to a frenetic emotional body or an overactive mental body or the enmeshment of the aforementioned bodies. My last article, The Emotional Body, helps explain what happens when our pranic tube is not operating optimally. A fortified pranic tube grounds us, and so the breath is a key factor.

Breath, awareness, and felt sense enhance the pranic tube.

This is a triad that is part of a larger triad of integration between our physical body, our emotional body, and our mental body. These are energetic terms for something with which I have been working with my students for many years. They are known as centers in The Fourthway Work and aligning those centers is essential to activate a triad of yet a higher order.

Seeing transformation in terms of triads allows you to understand how the Law of Three is applicable to every energetic phenomenon. For more on the Law of Three, read my article entitled The Law of Three.

Working with attention through breath and sensation is the way to ballast a necessary part of a foundational energetic triad. This maintains the baseline of vital force for all higher transformation to take place. Without this part of the triad, you are on shaky ground, but shaky ground is what most know as “normal.” A healthy pranic tube influences your level of attention and ability to calm the mind and emotions.

The pranic tube is your container.

If other bodies are vibrating at a faster frequency and easily disturb the pranic tube, you get lots of emotional chaos which then leaks the container even more. The catch 22 is that you will only get more emotional reactivity or land in the dumps of depression and exaggerated fear. All of this emotional chaos weakens the pranic tube!!!! The more I look at energetic frequencies through sound and the effect it has on people, the more I am seeing how filling the pranic tube with life force is essential for effective energetic recalibration.

It is also dangerous to strive for higher states or ramp up kundalini energy without an established pranic tube.

The danger of this scenario equates to hyperreactivity, emotional breakdown, feeling “caffeinated,” physical dysfunction, “blowing your circuits,” and neurological damage that can result in immune problems, depression and big transformational setbacks. There are many of you seeking spiritual highs because the subtle is unable to be perceived and grounded. Opening to higher permanent states of freedom cannot be achieved without an established pranic tube.

A fortified pranic tube leads to retention of finer substances that feeds a higher state of consciousness.

The breath in this iteration serves as food on multiple levels. Breath cannot feed the higher triads if the pranic tube is not established.  Understand that when you maintain your attention on your breath, you are doing yourself an enormous service. You can do that anytime and anywhere. Combine that with awareness of sensation in the body and you have a solid foundation that will continually feed the lower triad.

It is the essential link to attaining access to establishing higher centers that access other dimensions of consciousness. There won’t be any feeding of that higher consciousness without the development of this well-rounded awareness. Many are mistaking awareness for consciousness. Consciousness is a part of another triad that is fed when the pranic tube does not have to be fed. You get a surplus that spills into higher frequency triads.

Doing everything you can to fortify your baseline pranic tube gives you the chance to procure a surplus. Just being on this planet is a depletor, so you start at a disadvantage. Doing everything you can to maintain this tube will change the quality of your life. Stress and all forms of pollution can deplete the pranic tube, so upkeep could include:

Placing yourself in retreat environments and meditation groups will accelerate the pool from which you draw life force.

Spending daily time in nature.

Learning to generate life force through breathwork and sensation.

Avoiding maligned environments and people that feed off of that energy.

Learning why stress is present in your life.

Regulating or eliminating how much media violence you are ingesting.

Eating live food.

Meditating and gravitating toward the love, y'all (ok took that one from Black Eyed Peas).

Blessings to you this week.

Hit me with your questions about this. The answers may be the missing link if you have practices that aren’t really getting you anywhere.

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