Witches Were Wise Women They Say

Nov 02, 2022

Who were the witches? Where did they come from? Maybe your great great great grandma was one! Witches were wise, wise women they say And there's a little witch in every woman today. 

Witches knew all about flowers and trees. How to use all the roots and the bark and the leaves People grew weary from hard-working days. Witches made them feel better in so many ways.


Women had babies, the witches were there To feed them and hold them and give them some care Witches knew stories ‘bout how life began. Don't you wish you could be one? Well maybe you can! 


Some people thought that the witches were bad. Some people were scared of the power they had. The power to heal and to help and to care Isn't something to fear - it's a treasure to share!

There was a time when it was forbidden for women to gather. They were labeled witches with magical powers full of evil intent. This misrepresentation became lore passed from generation to generation but not in all circles. What threat did they pose to the powerful patriarchal system?

They possessed skillful knowledge of medicine, healing herbs, midwifery, the cycles of nature, nutrition, psychic phenomenon, magic, sexual energy, and a deep connection to Nature Their expertise carried value in the community and was consulted and revered.

However, women have been persecuted for a very long time and so have inculcated the same attitude toward themselves.

Poor communities, indigenous communities, and remote communities depended on their women to take care of babies, reproduction, and more. They were caught in the middle, deprived of social assistance and support yet free of the over-medicalization of childbirth. Their innate attention toward community, bonding, and caring for the needy became an unending uphill battle, met with little to no support. By the time doctors took over childbirth, women were fearful of the pain of labor and uninterested in the empowering experience that it was. They freely handed it over to the medical community.

A breakdown of trust between women turned them against each other. They stopped trusting their own inner guidance. Women succumbed in order to survive the swamp of toxic masculinity, and sometimes as a matter of life and death. Through the centuries, they relinquished their power to the grip of domination and greed.

Luckily all of this is changing (well, some of it), but remnants of the old paradigm get passed on unconsciously unless we bring them into the light of day.

A women’s circle can break down some of these antiquated constructs. Connection and healing amongst the members can bring to light the mistrust of one's own mother that developed in childhood. Its members are encouraged to speak their truth where it otherwise may not have been safe.

Over the years, there are certain elements of the women’s circles I facilitate that promote this healing and empowerment:

1) A safe haven to express oneself
2) The encouragement to speak truth within the group
3) The act of sharing and comparing
4) A system of support

With these parameters in place, something miraculous starts to occur in the realm of trust. The members recognize common patterns uniquely shared as women. Many start to see how they:

  • make themselves small
  • withhold the truth so as not to upset the apple cart
  • cannot trust themselves or their own judgment
  • seek positive reinforcement through people-pleasing
  • do not have good boundaries
  • have a hard time saying no
  • experience a lot of unexpressed resentment and unexpressed regret
  • feel guilty when not serving others' needs
  • over-work, over-deliver in an attempt to be loved/accepted

Another facet of our women’s wisdom circles is the initiation into the use of medicine wheels, the shamanic journey, and the awakening of the Divine Feminine for each of its members. I have witnessed the release of enormous blocks and patterns of self-sabotage. I have assisted in clearing ancestral lines in which unconscious agendas were released through newfound boundaries. Every aspect of the shamanic transformation journey comes to play out in the “tonal world” as time goes by.

The shamanic transformation journey is a step toward wholeness and so we work in the Nagual (energetic) realm to facilitate that wholeness. This is the only effective way that parts of us can come home.

If you are interested in knowing more about this upcoming year’s women’s circle: RavensClan, please check out the website, sign up for an interview, and prepare to have a life-changing journey.

Women's Wisdom Circle:


"Explore the many facets of your true essence through the lens of awareness and meditation, divine feminine and sacred masculine activation, shamanic ritual, ancestral clearing and the medicine wheel, goddess invocation, and transformational energy techniques."



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