The Many Names of Sophia

Dec 15, 2021

Sophia is the giver of wisdom in so many forms: She is Shakti in Sanskrit, the powerful Hindu personification of feminine wisdom, and the personal and collective linking soul as Atman, realized in the transcendent state of Samadhi (Gnosis).

She is the compassionate bodhisattva (Avalokiteshvara) in Buddhism, returning to light the path to nirvana; personified by the deity Guanyin. She is both Mother Mary, in her ascendant form, and Mary Magdalene, as the earthly companion of the Christ potential in Christian Gnosticism. In Jungian psychology, she is the unifying power of both the feminine and masculine archetypes, anima and animus, and of the lower self of the psyche with the higher spiritual self.

To me, she is the quintessential nature of the Divine Feminine. She is an energy that permeates our Essence.

Many of you have asked me about my personal experience with the Divine Feminine, the Divine Masculine, and how it plays out in my life. It started with a mystical experience and then an understanding of how to allow this mighty force to live in me and inform my actions in everyday life through the discipline of Presence and Surrender.

My own personal experience with Sophia spans a 15 year period that began with her holographic appearance before my very own eyes.

I had been meditating for days after a terribly stressful time of rejection and isolation. I was seeking solace and truly asking for help upon my knees. I felt abandoned and also “burned at the stake” by someone who had publicly condemned me with lies and innuendo to my family and my spiritual group. I was rejected by many.

Sophia appeared to me in layers of red transparent veils in a bed of fire. I have never before been blessed with such a visceral and visual form like this. She infused the light of the Divine Christ energy into me. I felt as if I was melding into Divine Love. I also perceived myself blending with the masculine aspect of Christ and understood the divine marriage of both the masculine and feminine within me.

I was given a message.

I am to show the ways of the marriage of the divine feminine and the divine masculine within oneself.

Since this experience, I have developed a light body beyond my own secondary kesdjan body which houses divine access to eternal love through the Sophia Presence. I am able to do my work in the world through daily choices of divine guidance. My higher self and my human awareness are fused.

I have found strength of purpose and an ability to keep this divine guidance open to me. On the physical plane, I cannot run myself ragged and drain energy. I take part in maintaining a level of refined energy within myself through spiritual practices and utter presence. I treat others with love and respect.

I honor the divine within me so that I can honor the divine in you.

I make mistakes and can forgive myself, quickly and deeply. I participate in a greater reality of which we are all a part. I listen for the subtle whisper of divine inspiration and it shows itself in a deep stillness and joy within...Samadhi.

I maintain great humility and reverence in light of this Divine Creation in which we live and our integral participation in it rather than destruction of it.

Sophia is our Universal Guide for holding the light of humanity. We need to invoke her help at this particular time and ask for a conscious activation of her presence within us. We can collectively invoke her help to awaken the dormant aspects of our own Sophia connection. We will embody her frequency, her message and her “code.” Through that we transmute ancestral belief patterns, any past life vows, internalized trauma as well as the collective shadow. We become one with our environment and fellow human beings.

We participate in the New Earth.


Molly Knight Forde, founder of the Awareness School, runs Wisdom Circles that delve into the mysteries of the Divine Feminine and Masculine. She teaches practices from her knowledge of Presence and Awareness as well as her shamanic journey into the 20 Count Medicine Wheel. She incorporates sound bowls for journeying into these Nagual Spaces.

If you are interested in knowing more, please go to

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