Why It’s Important To Develop An Energetic Edge

Nov 17, 2021
Photo by Nathan Dumlao

How do you develop an energetic edge and why is that important?

This skill is not just for empaths and highly sensitive people. This is for anyone who wants to understand more about the unseen communication between people and energetic manners. Knowing this can inform why you feel the way you do when it feels inexplicable.

You can more fully discern what’s happening beyond what is being said or done.

We all have certain radars put in place that are functioning whether we are fully aware of those capacities or not. It’s intuitive, but more. For example, we often get a feeling about someone we don’t even know.

Most of us were inadvertently taught not to trust our intuition. Our inner compass was put into question when our parents dismissed certain feelings, premonitions, or even gut feelings. Sometimes our feelings were dismissed to the point that we no longer trust what we were actually feeling.

As an empath, I was constantly picking up the environment and not feeling right.

I would often say that I felt weird and my parents would say, “Oh you’re fine.” If I didn’t have a fever, I was basically fine in their eyes. I learned to dismiss the things I was feeling and seeing. Even worse, I learned to leave my body entirely in order to not experience the painful emotions around me and within me.

As an adult, I had to learn not to take on the sickness of my children.

This did not mean guarding against contagions, but curbing this uncanny ability to take on their malady in order for them to feel better. I would invariably have sympathetic pain in my arm if someone had sprained their arm, for example. This is when my work of serious boundary became imperative. I am a natural healer, but one time mistakenly took on an atlas bone problem from someone which lasted three years.

I had to find ways of not being an amorphous entity taking on others’ states and ailments.

Much of the energetic work with boundaries came by understanding energy within myself as opposed to others. It was necessary to orient to an unseen world that could be verified through felt sense in my body and my gut feelings at the same time. While listening to someone speak, I would also tune into their “energy” and see if what they said was syncing up to what I was perceiving in their energy field.

This started out as an experiment with my own experiences until I found teachers who could help me understand how to “read” energy and hold sensation in my body.

We can all learn simple means for seeing more within an interaction. We can watch body language, listen to the tone of voice, and observe eye movement. We are all picking that up in rapid fire succession anyway. We can get a full energetic picture if we tune in carefully. This takes practice.

We are often so engrossed in our own drama that we miss the energetic cues coming from someone else. We are not tuned in at all. We are associating and self-absorbed to the point of being unable to be present with our own body and our environment. We miss so much because of this.

To tune into how my energy meets another person’s energy requires me to be present and aware of my energy field while simultaneously noticing theirs. This is how I understand the edge between the two fields.

It is the way we can move out of collective emotions and fears and realize that it is not our own.

It enables magical and essential boundaries that create a solid foundation for meaningful connection.

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